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The ELA Process
You have contacted Environmental Landscape Associates (ELA) and scheduled a meeting with one our design associates. This summary will explain what to expect in the design, contracting and construction process with ELA.
Initial Meeting Agenda
·         Review client program
o   What elements does the client desire in the project
o   What are the clients preferred design styles, color palettes, material styles
o   What is the clients budget
·         Review project location and overall property
o   What are the opportunities and the constraints relating to the property
o   Does the client have a property survey or a site plan
o   What are the known township restrictions relating to the project
·         Review images to better understand clients preferences
o   Client’s images of projects they have liked in books and/or magazines
o   ELA plans, 3d models and completed pictures from projects similar to clients
Concept Designs & Budgetary Pricing - 14 to 21 days average depending on project scope
ELA offers estimates on small planting and construction jobs at no cost, but the majority of projects require some form of design. A design fee is charged for these services to cover the time required to properly document, research and detail the project. Under the fee based design system, client will be given copies of all plans produced throughout the design process. The size and scope of the project will determine which option is appropriate. The following tasks will be completed during the design process:
·         Site Analysis
o   ELA will measure and photograph all relevant existing site conditions
o   ELA will contact zoning and building officials to determine relevant constraints to the project based on local municipal codes.
·         Concept Designs
o   ELA will complete concept designs for the project. These designs will be hand drawn sketches and/or computer drafted plan showing the features discussed in during the initial meeting.
o   ELA will generate three dimensional models to show how the project will look and work from various perspectives (Only in fee based design process)
·         Construction Pricing
o   Smaller Project –line item contract pricing to build each project element
o   Larger Project - budgetary pricing presented as cost ranges for each specific element of the project (contract pricing resolved later in revisions process).
·         Design Presentation
o   ELA will present designs and pricing to client. This will be best done at the ELA design center & showroom where design and materials resources are more readily available.
o   ELA and the client will discuss revisions needed from either a design or pricing standpoint.
·         Revised Designs & Pricing (if needed)
o   ELA will revise designs and pricing as discussed during design presentation
o   ELA will present revised design and contract pricing to client
Contract Process  
·         ELA will provide a line item contract specifying project costs, grouped by each specific element of the project
·         Payment terms and warranty information will be contained in the contract.
·         ELA is licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and contracts will comply with state construction contract laws.   
·         A deposit of between 10% and 30% will be required to certify contract, (percentage depends on the size of the project)
Permit Process – 4 to 8 weeks depending on project scope
·         ELA will begin the process of generating zoning and building permit plans and completing permit applications, once a contract is signed and certified,
·         Zoning permit plans require the project be drafted onto an existing property site plan showing all required zoning regulations for setbacks, floor area ratios, impervious surface calculations and stormwater mitigation plans (if required). If a property plot plan or survey is not available from client or township, a licensed surveyor will be required to complete a property plan.
·         Building permit plans require project dimensions and construction details complying with building codes and specifications.
·         Costs for the permits plans and application process will be contained in the construction contract.
·         Fees paid directly to the township are client responsibility.


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