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Backyard Retreats

With the right designs, you can transform your backyard into a private retreat. It can be as simple as a quiet sitting area to unwind peacefully in the fresh air after a long day cooped up in the busy office. Or maybe you want to vacation in your own back yard by creating a complete outdoor living oasis with everything you would need for hours of outdoor activity. Start by considering the needs and desires of your family to determine the right design approach for your personal retreat. Do you need a comprehensive plan that accommodates the kids and their friends as well as an entertaining space for the adults? Or is it going to be more of a private retreat for you and your spouse. Once the scale and scope of the project are determined, it is time to consider the elements that will be included.


Outdoor Fireplace


Choosing the right ‘Earth’ elements will help you create a backyard retreat that fits your lifestyle. Unlike the process of creating your ‘public’ entry gardens, your backyard retreat is not nearly as constrained by the style of your homes architecture or the neighborhood. You may live in the northeast but want a tropical or Mediterranean feel in your landscape, so use your ‘Earth’ element choices to achieve your goals. For example, choose plants with large, loose, colorful and informal foliage. And pick a paving stone such as travertine which is more common to the southern and Mediterranean regions. Use large pots and urns throughout and fill them will exotic oversized annuals. Or perhaps you prefer to create a traditional Philadelphia style with boxwood and rhododendron, bluestone paving, and natural stone walls. Define your theme or concept, and then pick your organic and inorganic earth elements to successful achieve your goals.

Outdoor Fireplace


Fire in the landscape design draws people with its undeniable attractions. Whether it is the lure of the warmth on a chilly evening, the rich fragrances of a meal on the grill, or the visual attraction of flames and glowing coals, a fire is bound to enrich your backyard retreat. A built in fireplace with create a gathering location and define a significant architectural element in your backyard retreat. Or maybe you prefer the subtlety and flexibility of a portable fire pit. Designers and manufactures have vastly expanded the opportunities and characteristic of fire elements in the landscape in recent years with creative stand alone fire pits and unique gas flame features. If you want to include a fire element in your retreat, there is bound to be one that will work for you desires and budgets.

Backyard Retreat - Swimming Pool - Naturalistic Pond


The gurgling sound of a bubbling fountain, the organic character of a naturalistic pond or the recreation and relaxation of a swimming pool can become part of your backyard retreat. If you are considering a stand-alone fountain, you will find a vast range from old world European to modern contemporary style to fit your preferences. These items can become a sculptural accent in any backyard retreat. Or maybe you prefer a naturalistic pond with waterfalls reminiscent of a country creek with fish and water plantings of all sorts. A swimming people can provide an attractive and active central water feature to build your entire backyard retreat around. Design your pool to accommodate both your practical use desires and style preferences. In cold climates, keep in mind that a pool will need to be winterized and covered. If this seems like an eyesore to you, consider placing your pool in a location that won’t be in central views from the home.

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